July 6, 2019

Welcome Spring: How to Care for Your Garden

Spring has arrived: the most intense season for those who have a garden (however small it may be). This season is synonymous with lawn maintenance, sowing, fertilizing and irrigation. In short, there is a lot to do.

Cutting the Grass in Spring

Maybe in the coldest months you have a little neglected your garden (even if, as we have explained, the garden never goes into hibernation) and the first thing you will need to do is to devote yourself to cutting the grass. Mowing has a very important role for the aesthetic performance of the lawn and will give a nice look to the whole garden. Tip: In the cooler months (March and April) you can mow once a week, in the warmer months every 10 days.

Mowing the Lawn for a Beautiful Garden

Now that we have mowed the grass, another action that needs to be done is aeration (also called defeltration). As time goes by, a layer of grass cuttings, leaves and various plant materials accumulate on the garden. This layer is called felt and must not become too thick, otherwise it will not allow light, air and manure to penetrate. It is therefore necessary to remove the felt with the operation that is called aeration, generally to be done between the end of March and the end of April.

Fertilization With Nitrogen, a Cure-all

Let’s now move on to lawn fertilization, an operation that serves to encourage the development of the grass and improve its coloring, as well as health. A little trick: using products with a high nitrogen content will allow you to awaken and revive the lawn.

Irrigate Your Lawn

Spring temperatures are constantly rising and this forces you to irrigate your lawn more and more often to prevent the grass from turning yellow due to lack of water. We recommend that you water your lawn once a week (and of course with seasonal rainfall) or early in the morning or in the evening, to prevent the water from dispersing during the hottest hours.

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

If we think of spring, we immediately think of trees in bloom, colorful fields, that good scent of flowers that invades the air. April and May are undoubtedly the best periods to sow: Azalea, Begonia, Callia, Dalia, Geranium, Sunflower, Petunia, Rhododendron, Primrose… And these are just a few species with which to color and enrich your garden.

Taking Care of the Garden, a Complicated Job

As we have seen, there are many jobs to be done in the spring, requiring time, commitment and skills. If you do not want to take care of your garden first person, but you do not want to give up the opportunity to enjoy a well-kept, beautiful and healthy green space … Ask for the intervention of Verde Cabiria!

The inspection is free, we will look for the best solution for you and the result is guaranteed: a garden ready for use.