June 29, 2019

The Garden in Autumn: Tips and Tricks

Autumn is a season of transaction between the summer heat and the winter cold. And it is good to perform some small precautions to repair plants, trees and flowers from the gradual drop in temperatures.

5 Tips for Your Garden in Autumn

First of all, remember that autumn does not mean setting aside the gardening equipment, on the contrary it is a very delicate season, on which the flowering in spring depends.

Here are 5 small tips for your garden to apply this season.

Password: Shelter

First of all, you need to identify the plants that could suffer most from the cold and protect them. If they are in the pot, just put them in the house or in a warm area and if, instead, they are planted, we recommend covering them with plastic sheets. Be careful! The sheets should be transparent because even in the coldest months the plants need light.

Bulbs is the Way

If you want to enjoy a flower garden in spring, this is the right time to plant bulbs. There is something for everyone: Narcissi, Snowdrop, Hyacinths, Tulips, Iris… Planting them is very simple: just dig a hole twice the height of the bulb, water them often and that’s it.

Autumn Cleaning

Autumn is also the time for cleaning, it is the season in which you have to worry about cleaning the garden from weeds, leaves, dry branches, diseased plants. Let’s open a parenthesis on the leaves: falling down, they create a slippery state and, when in contact with grass and shoots, they can rot and contribute to the diffusion of diseases. For this reason, the collection of the leaves is a very important operation, to be done regularly.

Do not Close the Tap: Water

Mistakenly, many in the autumn season “close the tap”. On the contrary – especially if the climate is dry – it is necessary to continue watering the plants, especially those in the pot.

A Hint of Color: Perennial Plants

Autumn is not synonymous with decay, on the contrary there are plants that are able to give a note of color to your garden. Some examples? Cyclamen, heather, september, skimmia, celosia…

Cabiria Green: First Aid and Free Inspection

As we have said, autumn is not an inactive period as far as the garden is concerned; on the contrary, small and large activities need to be put in place to prepare for the winter cold. We know that it is not always easy to take care of your garden, you need time, knowledge, equipment … The solution is provided by us at Verde Cabiria: our staff of qualified gardeners is ready to take care of your garden. Just call us at 0521 282278 to receive a free inspection.