July 28, 2019

Equipped and Functional Mini Greenhouse The Final Price

There are those like me who like to sow at home anticipating the times, so they intend to buy a seedbed. Here is the final price of a perfect mini greenhouse from sowing to seedling growth.

Like every year, from February onwards many people like me like to devote themselves already to gardening, preparing the seedlings for spring. Yes, because by sowing at home, you can anticipate the times and have seedlings already formed in April. To get these results, we must have a mini greenhouse or seedbed, as you prefer to call it, which is able to reproduce the right environment for the birth and growth of the seeds of the chosen plants. If you go online or to the well-stocked shop near your home, we can see that there are many of them. What changes? Not just the size we could choose, but it will have to be equipped with a heating element, practically something that heats the soil of our seedbed, then a heating mat. Some models come with it, others don’t, so buy it separately.

A while ago I made an article where I talk about everything we need to equip a mini greenhouse, analyzing the purpose for which they are used, recommending some useful and functional for an amateur gardener, taking into account the quality and price.

Sowing at home is what you need to get good results.

Instead, in this article I want to buy and complete a seedbed together with readers who will take the cue! Here is the material I have chosen and the final price!

I personally already have some models and of course my cultivation technique, which I will gradually tell in this category. But if you want to increase the production of seedlings, I took a peek online and I chose to buy and organize my seedbed as you will see below. Finally, let’s see the final price.

The Final Price

Here is a complete and equipped mini greenhouse, great for germination and growth of seedlings sown at home. The final price is 86.94 euros.

Perhaps your question is: Why or is it worth spending this money on a seedbed? That’s why I think it is!

First of all you have to be a gardener, plant and flower enthusiast. Sowing really costs very little compared to some plants at the nursery. You can find a lot of them online! You can get them from your favorite plants, perhaps annual, at the end of the season and propagate them again the following year. You can choose the seeds of the species you want, that you can’t find in your area and renew every year the garden or the balcony for a few euros, spending much less than from the nursery. Finally, to see every year the flowering plants, chosen, grown and cultivated as you want, will be an immense satisfaction!